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About Salmon Striper/ Lake Tahoe Fishing Trips Photo Album

Explore our captivating photo gallery showcasing the triumphs and joys of successful fishing trips at Lake Tahoe with Guide Brad Bugica and Salmon Striper/Lake Tahoe Fishing Trips. Witness thrilling catches, elated clients, and the action-packed moments that define our angling adventures. Join us on an incredible journey through these snapshots, and you'll see why we're the preferred choice for unforgettable fishing experiences on the stunning waters of Lake Tahoe.

Salmon Striper/ Lake Tahoe Fishing Trips  Photo Album is a collection of our guests in action on Lake Tahoe, Pyramid Lake and Sacramento River. The Fish photos include Mackinaw Trout, Striped Bass (Also Called Striper), Chinook Salmon (Also Called King Salmon), Lake Trout, White Sturgeon (Also Called Pacific Sturgeon, Sacramento Sturgeon), Brown Trout, and Cutthroat Trout (Also Called Colorado River Cutthroat). The Fishing photos are taken in Lake Tahoe, Sacramento River, Eastern California, Carson City, Folsom Lake, Sacramento Delta, Reno, Nevada